Why Did The Equal Rights Amendment Fail Essay Example

Why Did The Equal Rights Amendment Fail Essay Example

Why Did The Equal Rights Amendment Fail Essay Example

The Equal Rights Amendment is something that shouldn’t be ratified. It has been the talk for about more than four decades. Many people don’t realize that people change their minds as they get older and new generations come. There should be a vote for this in every state until 38 states ratify it because each state may change their minds regarding something as important as this.

The ERA would not make both men and women equal as it would like you to think. This amendment has been rejected repeatedly, and the government still ignores the time they were given to get the amendment ratified. And all of this would just be giving the federal government more power over our lives.

March 1979 was the deadline for 38 states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Then when they could not accomplish this, they were given an extended time for states to ratify the amendment. Even with this ample time, no states passed the ERA. And by Congress adding this extended time, they were doing something unconstitutional to prove that the government is trying to push us into getting this amendment that can, in their case, give them more power than they already have.

They try to make it seem that even if they add the time, it will lead to uncertainty. Here it says, “Congress granted an extension to 1982, which was ruled unconstitutional by a U.S. District Court in 1981, and the case went to the U.S. Supreme Court. On October 4, 1982, the Court dismissed it as moot”. They know it would lead to uncertainty, so why would they just let it happen? Also, times have changed, and people think differently from what they felt in the 70s, 80’s so keeping a vote that some people may not agree with to this day would just seem unfair.

Many believe that once we get the equal rights amendment, both men and women will be similar and have the same things applied to each of them, but this is not true. What people don’t realize is that if women wanted to get equal rights, there would be an amendment like the 14th for women. Many people don’t realize that the amendment of the similar right never talks about women in it.

People have to think about how this would affect the married women who have kids that they have to take care of and are stay-at-home wives. This would completely change their lives. And it will also “…[I]t could relieve the fathers of the primary responsibility for the support of even infant children, as well as the support of the mothers of such children…” (U.S. House Judiciary Committee Report (No. 92-359, July 14, 1971).

This tells us that it’s going to give the men more advantage and leave women to struggle more with this. For the past years, this amendment has been rejected multiple times, but the government doesn’t get the idea that maybe this is not what people may want. Illinois has been a state that has voted the amendment down many times from 1972 to 1982 after understanding the real intentions of the equal rights amendment.

For example, “Five states rescinded their passage of ERA: Nebraska – 1973, Tennessee – 1974, Idaho – 1977, Kentucky – 1978, South Dakota – 1979.” This shows us that people can see what ERA is about and don’t believe in it. The government needs to realize that once states started to take back their vote, they should have just dropped that amendment.


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