the issues of aboriginal people living in canada

Multicultural countries such as Canada are designed with good intentions; uniting people of different cultures and giving refugees a safe place to live. Unfortunately this system creates inequality, often resulting with acts of discrimination within a society. The First Nations in particular have suffered from this and Aboriginal living has been made difficult by the Canadian society since the establishment of the state. At the present time, acts of discrimination toward Aboriginals have grown milder. Nevertheless, the importance of awareness on this topic is relevant to Canadian itizens so that the elimination of inequality can further its progress. Also, the widespread on such issues has its relevancy in regards to avoiding the repetition of past mistakes as well as improving ways of handling similar situations. Aboriginal societies have a long history of unjust treatment towards them. For the duration of the time of the European settlement in Canada, aboriginals were forced into an unwilling life style. Having been stripped of purity and their identity as a native culture they suffered from oppression, leading to the poverty, poor health, and substance abuse we see in aboriginal societies today. Due o the many years of segregation, aboriginals have found comfort in the reserves making it difficult for those who make an attempt to leave the reserves. In hopes to departing from a life of poverty, and attain better education, they were bombarded with bigotry and the un-­? acceptance from other cultures. In addition to the difficulties that were experienced outside the non-­? reserved lands, finding employment had become an added obstacle. In the past, aboriginals were viewed as inferior and savage making it tough to find acknowledgment within the society.

As a result of this, the aboriginals feared the white people and viewed hem with much as anger, disgust and hostility. Today, awareness has spread and discrimination has begun to taper, although inequality is still being practiced amongst some Canadian citizens. A large unemployment rate continues to take its toll on rehabilitating the damage that has been done. Taking all these factors into consideration a number of questions have arose. What has the government done in regards to taking responsibility for their actions? It would also be interesting to know what it feels like to be a Native Canadian living both in a reserve and what its like to live off the reserves. In Canada, the post-­? secondary ducation system does an exceptional job on educating its students on the current aboriginal issues, as well as its history. Unfortunately, not all students get the opportunity of provided information on the topic from an academic level because it is not a mandatory subject. As a result of this, it is common for students to remain ignorant to the topic.

I have never taken a class on the subject, therefore, additional research is required to further expand my understanding of the issue. This has been made convenient with the easy access to online research. Conveniently, a broadened understanding begun to arise while collecting a ariety of Internet sources such as scholar journal articles, online books, and a virtual Center for Social Justice. In addition to online reading, much research has been done to collect data, graphs and statistics. Canada is an extremely large country, and certain statistics vary in different provinces. Statistics Canada has done a study in 1996, gathering comparative information on a variety of aspects concerning aboriginal difficulties. Each study offer comparison numbers on the following regions: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg. The gathered data also compares aboriginals to non-­? aboriginals, as well s providing population differences to assure an accurate conclusion. According to the number educational attainment from below high school level to a university bachelor degree, it appears that a consistency remains for aboriginals achieving a lower education level throughout the six regions. A domino effect takes place, illustrating the basis of why aboriginals also have a consistently lower employment rate. Continuing is a high poverty rate, violence rate, depression rate, and in unfortunate cases, suicidal rates.

By carefully observing these statistics, a clear understanding of the complications in the aboriginal community was nderstood. Another main concern that was encountered is the poor unmerited health issues that were derived at the time of settlement. It is unfortunate to see that the aboriginal people continue to suffer from poor immunity at the present time. The virtual Center of Social Justice supplies information regarding health issues and explains how the government has taken involvement in revising the issue. The Center also provides informative explanations to actions the government has taken in healing the aboriginal poverty levels as well as encouragement and easy access to an education. In addition to the online research and statistic bservations, first hand research was also accessible. In order to achieve a higher level of understanding on what life is like living on the reserves, I was given the opportunity to interview an acquaintance that lives on a reserve in Red Lake Ontario. We first met in September 2010, as we were introduced as housemates for the present school year. She had introduced herself as Rayanne Ray, and for short we called her Ray. It was her first time off the reserve and away from her family. We did not speak much when we lived together because she was extremely shy and introverted. Unfortunately, she did not stay in London long for the eason of not having the ability to focus on school and therefore exempted herself from the college. The interview had a progressive outcome as it provided a clear understanding of the obstacles a young aboriginal girl has to go through in order to find stability in her every day life. I had approached her online through an instant messaging system on Facebook. Given the fact that Ray lives far away, Facebook was our line of communication for the interview, which took place on Sunday, July 9, 2011. The questions I asked were carefully thought out, while taking into consideration the sensitivity she may have over certain subjects.

Thankfully, she was more than willing to walk me through her life, and she appreciated the fact that I showed interest in hearing her story. The interview included questions such as: Have you encountered or witnessed domestic violence, or substance abuse? Do you feel safe in the reserves? Did you feel safe when you left the reserve and came to London? Was there any level of encouragement to finish school and getting post secondary education? While in London did you experience any extent of prejudice towards you by your peers? Where do you see you life in the future? In sequence to answering these questions, she included some personal nd unpleasant events that had taken place on the reserves. Though it was initially mentioned that it was unnecessary to do so, it seemed as though she coveted for another to understand her sadness. Overall, speaking to her was a great accomplishment as I gained the information I was seeking, as well as unexpected sympathy. In terms of seeking answers to the research questions the overall outcome of the research that was collected turned out to be a great success. By providing myself with an abundance of reputable information I now have a clear understanding on the topic and have concluded my analysis. In regards to the subject of he governments association with helping the aboriginal community, appropriate actions have taken its place. The government of Canada has finally taken responsibility in correcting their mistakes by providing support for the first nations community.

The government offers endowment to a variety of organizations, such as the Seabird Island community and the Aboriginal Business Service Network. These organizations assist first nation citizens with help and support with finding employment as well as sustainable shelter to decrease aboriginal poverty levels. Noojimawinn health Authority founded in 1997 is another government-­? funded nstitute that serves health care for aboriginal citizens who live outside the reserves. It has come to my understanding that the every day life for an aboriginal citizen living on a reserve is not an easy life to live. It seems they do not want to dwell in the past. Those like Ray who have the courage to part from the comfort of their reserve, and want to make the effort to achieve a better future now have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, living on the reserves may be an unpleasant experience due to violence and substance abuse. Although it is difficult to adjust to life outside the reserves, it has come to the point where lthough one may encounter acts of discrimination it is safer, and preferred. In a positive aspect, convenience is granted to aboriginals who seek help with bettering their lives in terms of health, poverty and education. As awareness and education on the issue has broadened in the Canadian society, both verbal and physical discrimination have progressively declined. Encountering discrimination has become less of a concern for an aboriginal when leaving a reserve to live in a multi cultural community. Due to decades of isolation, it is more so the fear of the difficulties adjusting to the different life style and suffering from culture hock. For Ray, coming to London was an environment that seemed unusual to her thinking it was ‘abnormally peaceful’. After many years of enduring oppression caused by the despicable behavior for reasons of discrimination, this healing process is well deserved.

References (2007-­? 2011). Aboriginal Issues. Retrieved July 8, 2011 from Center for Social Justice Website: http://www. socialjustice. org/index. php? page=aboriginal-­? issues Calvin, H. (2001). Urban Aboriginal people in western canada: Realities and Policies. Canada West Foundation. Silva, A. D. (1999). Wage discrimination against natives. Canadian Public Policy, XXV(1).

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