the human behaviour affects the world society

Behavior comprises the mannerisms and the action that happens by a person. The behavior is divided into two groups, the good behavior and the bad behavior. In general, behavior is something invisible. It’s inside of every person of us. It’s the main reason of grow up a successful generations in the future life .Every one of us is grown up in his/her own traditions which differs from one country to another . It’s impossible to find someone who is perfect in everything. Even if we grew up in different cultures and traditions, we all have the same rights and are equal .So everyone has good and bad things about his/her personality which effects the society in a positive or negative way.

The human behavior affects the world society in a strong way. The social interaction is used now a days in social relation. Nowadays, the media has really expanded all over the world. Consequently, the human behavior changed by the time into two types. The first type is the bad behavior; this kind can led the society to be destroyed and miserable. Some people are characterized by those qualities. Those people are contradicted with the norms and expectation of people living in the society. The spread of the bad behavior can increase the rate of crime. If the children were born in such a criminal society, then they will accept crime as something normal . Humans have different cultures and different ways of living. Many due to factors that they were raised in a Culture which 7 influences human behavior .When the human behavior changes, this leads the culture to change. The human’s bad and good behaviors change from one country to another .In Europe countries, the Adultery, Sexual freedom, and to Drink alcohol these collisions are prohibited and illegal In Arab Countries. There are also some different manners that differ from one Arab county to another, such as Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to learn music or to open the shops on the pray time, but in other countries, it is legal. Unfortunately, nowdays everything changed. The bad behavior changed to good behavior and the illegal manners changed to legal manners.

The school influences student behavior. The class room must be a safe place for the student, where he can know how to behave. The student is affected by how the teacher explains the lesson .The way the teacher behave to the student if she/he is rude or kind with them can affect their attitude .When the teacher behave rudely with the student this led to let the students behave disruptively by bullying with other students by talking during the lessons or by requiring the teacher to interrupt lessons to discipline them can have a negative effect on all the students in the same class. Then when the student grow up he will be always angry and rude to people and his family and friends he will not respect anyone .This will lead to have other one is characterized by bad behavior. On the other hand, when the teacher behaves kindly to the student .This will let them hold high expectations about themselves. The students will love the teacher and her periods which will cause them to behave in a nice way. All of this reasons will led to let the student achieve his or her goal. It will help encourage them to get high marks in their school and to reach high levels in their school.

Good behavior is important to shape our personality and help us to build a good character. The person how is characterized by this behavior let all people to respect him and to feel good about himself or herself. The good behavior doesn’t depend on talking politely but also by the body language. Your behavior and presence is very extensive to make you get a suitable and an upscale job. All employer prefer to give the job to someone how is characterized by good manners instead of giving it to someone how is characterized by bad manners. You can change your bad behavior in to good behavior. That means that you don’t have to take your bad behavior as a reason or an excuse for your bad manners. Firstly, be mindful of your own reaction, because you must think and wait before you decide to do something not to regret it after that. Your behavior affect others behavior positively or negatively. Because of that you must be careful about your behavior. Secondly, be attentive. When you are unheeding to the things around you this leads to increase the negative comment and let your behavior to be bad and be disrespectful to other people around you. You should have your own opinion and try to persuade the others. These shows how strong your personality and character is. Thirdly, you must use positive self-talk. When you talk about something, you must think in a positive way because it helps you to feel optimistic. You will also be interested about this thing and make others interested about it. That’s all because you looked to positive side of the situation and ignored the negative side of it. Fourthly, recognize your limits. Even if you are a professional that doesn’t mean that you must handle everything by your own. When you do this you will not be able to control you felling or your altitude. You must accept your limits and ask for someone else to help you or to handle it instead of you. This all can help you to manage your behavior.

In conclusion, all what I mean to say is that behavior is something that can’t be seen or visible and each one of us has the opportunity either to choose the good behavior or the bad behavior that he want to characterized with. This affects the society and the future generations in both positive and negative ways.

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