the anatomy of peace resolving the heart of conflict

The Anatomy of Peace is all about the different conflicts that occur in your life. It is showing you how to take those conflicts and figure out what exactly is causing them. The book shows families that don’t get along well coming together. It explains how many small situations can cause arguments with your loved ones, when they should be easy to overcome. You shouldn’t let things tear your family apart, because family is the most important thing in life. Its a great book for anyone to read, in a way it gives you a new outlook on life, and how you should start addressing different situations.

The author was trying to show us that it is so easy for people to consider human beings as an object instead of a person. Everyone is their own person, and we can’t keep categorizing people. Lately everyone fits into some form of a “category” whether you are categorized by your religion, race, or some other type of stereotype. The author also shows how when someone is being judge they usually take that judgment and try to fulfill it. It become a vicious circle, and the author states that the only way it will stop is when we get to “a heart at peace”.

Heart at peace tells you to look for certain symptoms when you are dealing with a different situation. You need to be aware of quickened pulse, high heart rate, and higher voice levels. All humans beings matter and you need to treat them how you feel that you matter in this world. It doesn’t matter who you are having a conflict with, whether is being your child, Alyssa Holmes significant other, or someone that you work with. The author is helping you have the ability to have “heart at peace” with all of the different situations in your life.

This was an awesome book to read, and it could help someone in many tough situations. I do believe that all of the evidence was accurate. The author had charts and pictures to back up their information. They had different case studies that you could read about. The author also stated different ways to benefit situations in your own life. The author did a great job in proving their theory, they had many examples and charts that you could view. The author shows you how to be at peace with others, and also how to be at peace with yourself.

The book makes you think about every relationship that you have in your life, and it puts a new perspective on how you should treat everyone whether you get along with them or not. It shows a scenario where parents have to drop off their troubled teens at a camp, and the parents need to make peace with their choices. Its a very hard thing for parents to have to admit that there is trouble in their children’s life. The book shows how that parent’s can feel better about a bad situation. I thought that the book was amazing, and that everyone should read it. It would be a great book to show people at a young age.

It would show them how others should be treated, and how we shouldn’t judge other people. It will help you learn how to handle different situations that you may be going through. What you should look out for if you feel that you are becoming stressed or upset with someone. It really gives you a different way of looking at things, and how you should have a positive look on life. In my opinion if that book was shared with people of a younger age there might be a little less Alyssa Holmes bullying and confrontations in school. As well as helping them understand others feelings and the different situations that they may be going through.

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