symbol of fire in the road by cormac mccarthy essay sample essay

In the narrative ‘’The Road’’ by Cormac Mccarthy. fire is frequently used as a symbol. and fire is represent endurance. From the beginning of human’s civilisation. fire has been utilizing by human for unrecorded and survive. and the fire in the narrative was non an exclusion. In the way of the male parent and boy. there were many obstructions that stand against them. yet they did non give up to populate and fire is become their aid. An illustration for fire became a symbol of endurance was when it states. ’’The dark they camped in a ravine and built a fire against a little rock bluff and ate their last food’’ ( page 80 ) .

Fire is what comes to light their will. it produces fire to warm their nutrient and maintain their life traveling. Fire besides is a symbol of the immortal will when it said. ‘’ They slept through the dark in their exhaustion and in the forenoon the fire was dead and black on the ground’’ ( page 93 ) . ‘’He got a fire traveling and walked out to the border of the woodlot and stood looking over the state. ( page 93-94 ) . When the fire of hope slaked. it awoke once more ; it is average that the fire of hope will be infinitely protected to father and boy.

On another manus. fire is a symbol of hope. In the darkness the fire of hope will put them free. and hope is what has brought them to this journey. For case. ’’ What is it. Papa? Nothing. We’re O.K. . Travel to kip. We’re traveling to be all right. aren’t we Papa? Yes. We are. And nil bad is traveling to go on to us. That’s right. Because we’re transporting the fire.

Yes. Because we’re transporting the fire. ’’ ( page 87 ) . An other illustration was when it states. ’’ In the eventide they tramped out across a field seeking to happen a topographic point where their fire would non be seen. ’’ ( page 92 ) The farther and boy believe that fire is the protection besides hope for them. At dark no people or antagonists are traveling to ache because the fire is unseeable and maintain them in safe.

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