suicide as social issue that we should be more aware of

Did you know that every 40 seconds someone in the world just committed suicide? Have you ever lost someone close to you that committed suicide? I have, and it was the hardest thing to believe and that you know them so well you wouldn’t even believe to think that they would do such a thing. The thought of the person you knew for a long time has finally vanished. The feeling of when someone just broke your heart. It was too emotional to express as if I am too shocked to say. The only thing to do is to move on and know that my friend is in a better and safe place watching over me.

My message that I am trying to bring about is that suicide is a social issue that we should be more aware. There are different types of reasons to why people would have the idea to commit suicide. Depression, love, anxiety, guilt, and many more… People commit suicide because they can’t find an answer to their problem. They think to either forget about it or live through it their whole entire life until they can’t handle the misery so their solution is suicide. I think it’s important to approach this issue to protect the young generation from committing suicide and ending their future and lives early.

The community or school districts need to take initiative and handle this situation like it’s a big deal. Imagine that the kids you are teaching are like your kids, you obviously wouldn’t want to lose them. I believe if we fix this situation, the kids will pass it on, trend around the community or maybe around the world and would learn how terrible the idea of suicide is. I know it will work because deep down in everyone’s hearts, we care. My idea of promoting this issue is by creating a short motivational video clip about the good of life.

My purpose of creating this type of advertisement is to have my audience learn that suicide is not the answer in life. Give life another chance and forget the ignorance and judgement. At the end of the day it is all about you and the people that care about you. I am targeting the people who are depressed and suicidal. This advertisement will give the audience some perspective in life and that is to be positive and be happy throughout your life. As my audience watches the video, they will be inspired by the words and picture as they appear. There is so much more to live for in life. At times life is stormy, but you know it can’t rain forever.

As I was creating this video, I needed to find pictures that could inspire my audience with happiness. I looked around the internet, Google images, and started to explore around some happy images of people and the first image that really captured my eye and that I thought people wouldn’t avoid of looking at is the picture of the happy baby. This image distinguishes the use of pathos, having to change my audience’s emotion and beliefs. When you look at a baby you don’t only think it’s cute but you think of the baby as it lives a happy life and you hoping that the baby will continue to live life happily.

As the video shows the image of the baby the word “smile” appears. I included that to distinguish the use of logos. Find a happy place in the state of your mind and smile, don’t live miserable and think of all the negative things that have happened in the past. The best thing to do is to move on and learn from your mistakes. The next picture that appears is the image of two people, boy and a girl, sitting on the ground comforting each other and the word “love” appears. My thought process in this image is it distinguishes the use of pathos, logos, and ethos. Relationship is a part of value in life.

We all go through a process where we find someone that is compatible with each other and have some sort of relationship. That is why the word “love” appears as a value in life. Love someone as you live life. Love is something you search for to live happy with someone that you are compatible with for the rest of your life. I have fallen in love once and it felt amazing to have a girl around with you and something to look forward of seeing everyday in your life. Every time I would see the girl that I have fallen in love with I would get butterflies in my stomach and to say what a luck guy I am.

Overall it makes you cherish all the good times you have with one another and hope for the best in the future. Falling in love is hard but once you find the right person it feels like you’ll never be sad ever in your life. The next image that I decided to include in this video, I believe, is probably the most inspirational image that got me thinking, I am ready, finally, for something more than what I have now. This image is a guy who looks like that he is on top of the world and is happy for doing what seems impossible. In the image is also the message saying “live it up”.

This image definitely distinguishes the use of ethos, pathos, and logos. Before you die, did you ever think of doing as many things as you can? Well this guy definitely has. It looks like he just climbed the tallest mountain in the world. Doesn’t that make you think of achieving the same thing he has? Before I die, I definitely want to climb the tallest mountain, swim with sharks, go to space, and anymore crazy things. My point of view is stop being scared, sad, and worried. There is reason why god gave us another day is to have a better day than yesterday.

I went sky diving at the end of my senior year and I was very worried of my life and scared to death. After experiencing the 30 second free-fall from the sky, I was excited and made me think positive in life. Overall I lived it up to the fullest, I trusted this random person I just knew for 20 seconds and land safely back to earth. This experience made positive about life and trust experts who have done crazy things in their life. I didn’t want to look back at that time and say I chickened out, because trying doesn’t hurt, it is something to experience and tell your kids that those were the best days of my life.

Life, at times, may be full of drama and fights. The best thing to do at those situations is to not be a part of that. Peace is a state of mutual harmony between people or groups. Forgive and forget and move on. Too much confrontation is unhealthy. This image I have next is a picture of friends holding their hands each other in the air and the word “peace” that appears. This image distinguishes the use of pathos, ethos and logos. This image is telling the audience to live life peacefully. Forget the fights and controversies you have been through with your peers, all that matter is it’s in the past.

I’ve been in situations I get an argument with my friends or my family, and the best thing to do is forget and learn from the mistakes. Don’t give yourself a hard time and be miserable because people make mistakes. Life isn’t perfect. Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty without fear. Or in other words, brave. This image is someone that has faced courage and got himself noticed everywhere around the world. Felix Baumgartner is famous for setting the altitude record for a manned balloon flight, parachute jump from the highest altitude, and greatest free all velocity. Felix is a great example of the word courage. He sends the message to be brave in life and follow what you dream whether it is crazy or not. You can set can do anything if you set your mind in to it. Don’t let anyone tell you what is best for you because at the end of the day it’s all about you. I had the courage to skydive and I feel proud and excited for that occurrence. As we live life, we tend to break down in to tears or become stress. I’ve been stressed and experienced tough times. Yes life is hard but the best thing to do is to stay strong.

This next image is a person who wrote stay strong on their arms. This picture distinguishes logos, pathos and ethos. I think this image is trying to inspire the audience to not worry and think positively before they do something stupid. We may live through tough times but committing suicide is not the answer. People need to be stronger than their negative aspect of life. There are people in the world that live life with the worse living condition, little amounts of food and limited sources. So don’t tell me you have a bad life. You at least have the opportunity to go to a great school, work and get paid, and many more.

Some people just wait for an opportunity to have the same life as you do. If you think your life, switch lives with the people who don’t have the same opportunity as you. I personally live a tough life. I had an opportunity to continue on going to a four year college and play the sport I love the most, football. I left because of money situation and I had to let it go so my parents don’t struggle any more. I hate to see the fact people are sad, the best thing to do is to stay strong and wait for that opportunity to come, I really hope it does.

The next image that I included is the suicide awareness logo. This slide distinguishes ethos and logos. This slide really helps people become a stronger person by calling the hotline number, to mentally get help for a better life. Calling the number will not only help you be a better person but will have another opportunity to live life happily. Stop being so lonely and depressed and get helped professionally. There are people in the world that are very good at making your life better. Like I said before there are people in the world who don’t have the same opportunity as you do. So epresent your life happily to prove to the world you are better and will make a difference. Maybe one day you will make a difference and change the world. That is something that I have dreamt about and will continue on proving. The last slide is the most important slide that also goes along with the background song. The song that I decided to choose is by Bob Marley, one of my favorite artists that made a difference in the world of music. The song is called “Don’t worry, be happy”. The image is also inspirational and coincidental because it fits in with the song, with my advertisement and along with the lyrics as it plays.

The image and the song distinguish the use of ethos, logos and pathos because an expertise, Bob Marley who made a difference in the world of music, the message is logic, and audience given a specific message. This was probably my favorite slide because every time I see it I visualize myself not worrying too much and living a happy life. Overall, this last slide makes me realize that people change and things go wrong. The best thing to remember is that life goes on. As I have created this advertisement, I have learned so much what many people go through in life.

Yeah life is hard but that’s the challenge we have to live through. If life is easy then life wouldn’t be hard for the ones who are poor and fighting wouldn’t exist. You should be thankful to be alive and be at a better place than others. If you can’t find the real answer call the hotline because someone out there truly cares about you and would definitely love the privilege of being your friend. If the people who are depressed are watching this video, listen and imagine the positive things you can do with your life. Keep your head up and don’t worry, just smile and be happy.

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