[Solved] SCI228 Quiz 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 Latest 2017 (Score 100%)

QuestionSCI228 Week 1 Quiz 1Question : (TCO 1) Which statement is FALSE concerning the field of nutrition?Nutrition is the study of how food nourishes the body.Nutrition encompasses how we consume, digest, metabolize, and store food.Nutrition is an ancient science that dates back to the fourteenth century.Nutrition involves studying the factors that influence eating patterns.Question 2. Question : (TCO 1) Which of the following is NOT required on a food label?Sodium (mg/serving)Calcium (mg/serving)Dietary fiber (g/serving)Total cholesterol (mg/serving)Question 3. Question : (TCO 1) Which of the following is FALSE?Lipids are soluble in water.Lipids include triglycerides, phospholipids, and sterols.Lipids are comprised of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.Lipids yield more calories per gram than carbohydrate or protein.Question 4. Question : (TCO 1) Which federal agency conducts the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)?USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)ADA (American Dietetic Association)NIH (National Institutes of Health)Question 5. Question : (TCO 3) Barbara has just been diagnosed with celiac disease. Which of the following foods would be most dangerous for her to consume?CornflakesRice cakesPotatoesWhole-wheat breadQuestion 6. Question : (TCO 3) Collectively, the nerves of the gastrointestinal tract are referred to as:peptic nerves.hepatic nerves.enteric nerves.gastric nerves.Question 7. Question : (TCO 3) Which of the following is the most common form of pesticides?InsecticidesHerbicidesFungicidesBiopesticidesQuestion 8. Question : (TCO 3) In which of the following environments does Clostridium botulinum flourish?AcidicAlkaline< 40 F> 140 FQuestion 9. Question : (TCO 3) The two types of fungi are:molds and spongiforms.yeasts and helminths.prions and dioxins.molds and yeasts.Question 10. Question : (TCO 3) Which human organ system is most affected by toxic levels of mercury?NervousRenalCardiovascularDigestive

SCI228 Week 2 Quiz 2Question 1. Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following is a disaccharide?SucroseFructoseGalactoseGlucoseQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 1) The simplest units of carbohydrates are called:fatty acids.amino acids.monosaccharides.calories.Question 3. Question :(TCO 1) Major fructose sources include:milk and cheese.nuts and honey.fruits and vegetables.breads and cereals.Question 4. Question :(TCO 2) After a meal, which hormone is responsible for moving glucose into the body’s cells?GlucagonEstrogenCCKInsulinQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 2) ________ is a technique employed by some endurance athletes to increase their storage of muscle glycogen.KetosisCarbohydrate loadingGlycogen surgingGluconeogenesisQuestion 6. Question :(TCO 2) Sugar alcohols are most often used in which of the following products?Diet sodasBaked confectionsChewing gumsInfant formulasQuestion 7. Question :(TCO 3) Sean is planning to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for his girlfriend. Which of the following artificial sweeteners would be the best substitute for the sugar in the recipe?AspartameSaccharinSucraloseOlestraQuestion 8. Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following is associated with Type II diabetes?Autoimmune diseaseObesityProne to ketosisBody fails to produce insulinQuestion 9. Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following is NOT characteristic of Type II diabetes?Arises most commonly during adulthoodInsulin resistance or insensitivityOften associated with obesityThe least common form of diabetesQuestion 10. Question :(TCO 4) Yogurt is tolerated better than milk by many lactase-deficient people because:yogurt has no lactose.bacteria in yogurt help digest the lactose.it has a thicker consistency.yogurt is acidic.SCI228 Week 3 Quiz 3Question 1. Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following fatty acids is generally solid at room temperature?Short-chainSaturatedMonounsaturatedPolyunsaturatedQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following describes lipids?Organic nutrients that are insoluble in waterInorganic nutrients that are insoluble in waterOrganic nutrients that are insoluble in fatInorganic nutrients that are insoluble in fatQuestion 3. Question :(TCO 6) Sex hormones and adrenal hormones are substances derived from which class of lipid?Fatty acidsTriglyceridesPhospholipidsSterolsQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 6) As of January 1, 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will require food manufacturers to list ________ content on the Nutrition Facts Panel of their products.phospholipidsterolessential fatty acidtrans fatty acidQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 6) ________ are the major form of fat in both food and the body.PhospholipidsTriglyceridesGlycerolsSterolsQuestion 6. Question :(TCO 5) Which of the following foods is a source of complete proteins?BroccoliAppleChickenWhole grain breadQuestion 7. Question :(TCO 5) Per gram, which of the following foods would contain the highest protein content?Cooked carrotsChickenSkim milkWhole-wheat breadQuestion 8. Question :(TCO 5) Two amino acids are joined together by a peptide bond to form a dipeptide. What is the by-product of this process?AmmoniaWaterCarbon dioxideHydrochloric acidQuestion 9. Question :(TCO 5) Which of the following is NOT a major function of protein in the human body?Maintaining fluid balanceProviding energy to the bodyGrowth and maintenance of new tissueSynthesis of hormonesQuestion 10. Question :(TCO 5) Vegetarian diets are associated with increased consumption of ________.carcinogensantioxidantsprionsvitamins B12 and DSCI228 Week 5 Quiz 51. Question :(TCO 3) What is an exchange reaction?A reaction that produces free radicalsA two-part metabolic reaction that includes oxidation and reduction stepsThe first stage of cancer development, in which a cell’s DNA mutatesA reaction that converts a provitamin into the metabolically active formQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 3) Carbon and hydrogen are two examples of:atoms.antioxidants.electrons.nuclei.Question 3. Question :(TCO 7) The most powerful and abundant form of vitamin E is:alpha-tocopherol.beta-tocopherol.gamma-tocopherol.delta-tocopherol.Chapter 8Question 4. Question :(TCO 7) The deficiency disease associated with Vitamin C is:scurvy.erythrocyte hemolysis.night blindness.Keshan disease.Question 5. Question :(TCO 7) Which of the following nutrients requires the most frequent consumption to assure adequate body stores?Vitamin AVitamin EVitamin CBeta-caroteneQuestion 6. Question :(TCO 8) Which of the following foods would be the best dietary source of pre-formed Vitamin A?CarrotsEggCantaloupeRiceQuestion 7. Question :(TCO 8) The phytochemical found in tomatoes and tomato products is:lycopene.flavonoids.phytoestrogens.polyphenols.Question 8. Question :(TCO 8) Which of the following is our primary dietary source of Vitamin D?SeafoodChickenGreen leafy vegetablesMilkQuestion 9. Question :(TCO 9) Mary G. is 60 years old and at risk for osteoporosis. Which of the following dietary supplements would be the MOST helpful to minimize bone loss?Magnesium and fluorideVitamin K and fluorideCalcium and phosphorusCalcium and Vitamin DQuestion 10. Question :(TCO 9) The chronic overconsumption of ________ can result in a biotin deficiency.herbal tearaw egg whitesnatural licoricegrapefruit juice

SCI228 Week 6 Quiz 6Question 1. Question :(TCO 1) Chemicals that control hunger, appetite, and digestion include all of the following EXCEPT:dopamine.serotonin.pepsin.ghrelin.Question 2. Question :(TCO 2) Consuming an excess of _______ calories in one week will result in a weight gain of one pound per week.2,5003,5003,0002,000Question 3. Question :(TCO 3) Which of the following BEST describes exercise?Any movement produced by muscles that increases energy expenditureMaximal force or tension level that can be produced by a muscle groupLeisure physical activity that is purposeful, planned, and structuredAbility to move a joint fluidly through the complete range of motionQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 4) Which of the following is not one of the physiological effects of regular physical activity?Decreases the action of insulinEnhances gastric motilityMaintains and/or increases lean body massDecrease high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL)Question 5. Question :(TCO 5) What are the standard criteria used for diagnosing an eating disorder?Analysis of atypical food behaviorDisordered eating questionnaireBehavioral Risk Factor Surveillance SystemDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersQuestion 6. Question :(TCO 6) What is meant by the notion that eating behaviors are conditioned?Eating habits affect our moods.Previous experiences, such as those that occur during childhood, affect our current responses to food and eating behaviors.Food consumption only occurs in response to external stimuli.The intensity and duration of physical activity impacts our response to food and eating habits.Question 7. Question :(TCO 7) Which of the following BEST describes why the body reduces nonvital body functions in untreated anorexia nervosa?There is insufficient estrogen to regulate these functions.The body is trying to maintain normal body temperature.The body needs to conserve energy.The individual’s activity level is very low.Question 8. Question :(TCO 8) What percentage of U.S. women have bulimia nervosa?1-4%5-7%7-12%15-20%Question 9. Question :(TCO 9) For most adults, it is difficult to get adequate nutrients if eating less than ________ kcals a day.1,000-1,2001,200-1,5001,600-1,8001,800-2,000Question 10. Question :(TCO 10) Currently, the best known treatment of eating disorders is:a team-management approach.psychotropic medications.IV therapy.a high-calorie, high-protein diet.SCI228 Week 7 Quiz 7Question 1. Question :(TCO 4) From the third month to term, the developing human is called a(n):fetus.embryo.zygote.blastocyst.Question 2. Question :(TCO 4) Recommended weight gain during pregnancy is based on the:mother’s weight at the end of the first trimester.size of the fetus at three months’ gestation.mother’s pre-pregnancy body mass index.mother’s age.Question 3. Question :(TCO 5) To avoid ________ contamination during pregnancy, fish consumption should not exceed 12 oz. a week.mercuryleadarsenicnitrogenQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 6) Which DRI does NOT increase during pregnancy?ZincProteinVitamin CVitamin DQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 7) The stimulus that is needed for continued and sustained production of breast milk is:high fluid intake by the mother.high protein intake by the mother.infant suckling.ovulation.Question 6. Question :(TCO 8) The brain grows the most rapidly during the first ________ years of life.twofiveeight10Question 7. Question :(TCO 9) Which of the following is NOT a recommendation to avoid allergies in children?If a child has a negative reaction to a food, never offer it to that child again.Introduce new foods one at a time.Rotate foods in the diet rather than serving them every day.When introducing a new food, watch for any allergic reaction for a week before offering another new food.Question 8. Question :(TCO 10) Growth acceleration in adolescence is primarily driven by:increased physical activity.increased caloric intake.hormonal changes.both increased physical activity and increased caloric intake.Question 9. Question :(TCO 10) One should avoid consuming excess Vitamin E when taking the medication:Coumadin.Zocor.Tylenol.Motrin.Question 10. Question :(TCO 10) Which of the following is FALSE regarding the RDA for carbohydrates?This recommendation stays the same as we age.This amount ensures adequate glucose to the brain.Most healthy individuals require more than this recommendation.This amount is difficult for elderly individuals to consume in their diets.

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