[Solved] NSG6999 Week 4 Mental Health Bipolar Disorder Graduate Project

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Please for this question, all I need is for you to do the week 4 alone using the table. I have done week 1-3. If you need to see what I did for week 1-3, let me know I will upload. This is going to be on bipolar disorder. I will upload sample of what other students did so that way you will know what is required. You know what, I will go ahead and copy and paste what I did for week 1-3.

– I will also upload what other students did that way you will know what is required

– Use atleast 3 references

I have more work. If you do good, I will assign the remaining to you

WEEK 1 :


Bipolar disorder was initially known as manic depression. It is a health condition that affects the mind, and it leads to severe mood swings which are inclusive of emotional highs. Bipolar disorder affects about 3% of the American adult population and so far there has not been any conclusive answer on the cause of the disorder. When one becomes depressed, they may feel very sad and also feel hopeless and may also not show interest or pleasure in many co-curriculum activities. When the mood swings to hypomania one will be feeling euphoric and be full irritable and full of energy. The mood swings can be affecting one’s strength, judgment, sleep and the ability to think transparently. Although the disorder is a condition that stays for a long time, one can be able to manage the mood swings and also other symptoms through a treatment plan. In many cases, the treatment of bipolar disorder is by psychological counseling and also by use of medications (Geddes, & Miklowitz, 2013).

There are many bipolar types and related disorders. The disorder may include hypomania or mania or other main episodes of depression. The symptoms of the disease can sometimes bring changes which are not easy to predict in the moods and the behavior, causing distress and difficulties in life.

1. Bipolar (1) disorder-One may have one manic episode, and may be having one manic disorder which can be followed or even preceded by main depressive episodes, and lead to hypomanic.

2. Bipolar (2) you can have one episode of depression and have one episode of hypomanic, and one may not be having a manic disorder.

3. Cyclothymic Disorder. You may be having like two years; one year in children age and the other one in the teenage level.

There are two different types of episodes and having the same symptoms. Mania is mostly more serious than hypomania and leads to many problems that one can notice in social activities, work, and school. They both have symptoms like increased agitation, energy, and more action, lack of sleep; one can end up talking more; one gets distracted easily and also unreasonable decision making.

Bipolar disorder happens either when they are young children or when they are old adolescence. The confusion can run in families. Men and women have the same chances of getting the disease. But women tend to be spending a lot of time depressed than men. Bipolar disorder is caused by stress, brain changes and also genes which can cause the disease. If you have the disease or you know someone who has the disorder, talk to a psychiatrist or a doctor. The doctor will ask about the illness and what the other people are having in the family. The victim will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to confirm they are suffering from the mental health condition (Geddes, & Miklowitz, 2013).

Bipolar disorder can be treated, and needs prolonged care because it is an extended condition. Getting proper medication is the primary treatment for bipolar disorder, and it ensures mood stabilization. Drugs used are Zyprexa, and latuda and also antidepressants. Combination of this medication can be helpful. After proper treatment in most of the people, the mood can stabilize quickly, and the person can be relieved. Continues treatment is effectively better than to deal with issues after they come up. People who are having substance abuse problems need more specialized surgery.

There is a connection between suicide and bipolar disorder. People suffering from bipolar can be suicidal sometimes. The disorder causes people to have behaviors like isolating themselves, being reckless, being depressed, talking more about dying and death, using alcohol and drugs, focusing on the negative themes, having accidents, they give away their possessions and tend to be crying many times they may end up committing suicide.


Geddes, J. R., & Miklowitz, D. J. (2013). Treatment of bipolar disorder. The Lancet, 381(9878), 1672-1682.

WEEK 2 :

Nursing Project-Evidence based Practice

Week 2 Discussion

Background Question; My background question is” What is the difference between bipolar I and bipolar II?”A large number of people believe that one must have a quick change of the moods when they have bipolar disorder; however, there are different types of symptoms for the disorder. All moods have different manifestations, and not all have mania. It is only a physician who can provide the right diagnosis of a feeding disorder. There is a difference between bipolar I and bipolar II. The strategy in understanding the clinical issue is through interviews and studies on literature concerning bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder I

In bipolar one disorder, all signs have to meet the full criteria of the manic episode. It is not a must for a person to have depression for one to have bipolar disorder I; the many people with the diagnosis experience both the episode and moods. The manic episode has to include at least three of the following symptoms.

1. High need for sleep

2. Being more talkative

3. Having racing thoughts

4.The increased urge of taking risks

Mania episode is more extreme than immediate bursts of happy moods and energy. Mania mostly results in problems at school, the workplace, and personal relationships. Hospitalization is needed in most cases. A manic episode has characteristics of irritable moods like an elevated person with the Bipolar I. One should not assume the absence of a manic episode just because one does not appear enthusiastic or happy.

Bipolar Disorder II

For one to be diagnosed as having Bipolar II, one need to be experiencing episodes which are depressive and severe cases of hypomania. When a person has mania, they are most likely to suffer extreme excitement which may run for days. These symptoms may escalate causing problems at work or in carrying out daily routines like driving (Smith, 2018). However, the moods do not necessarily require hospitalization. When a person reaches the depressive mode, they must exhibit at least three of the following symptoms

1. Changes in sleep patterns

2. Changes in eating habits

3. Depressed moods

3. Tiredness

4. Suicidal thoughts

5. Lack of concentration

6. Lack of pressure in the activities previously enjoyed

7. Feeling of unworthiness

A large number of people seen to have bipolar disorder II are perceived to be having depression just because they do not report the moods to the doctor. Many people having Bipolar II are at high risk of developing eating disorders with adverse effects on their physical health. The patients are more likely to have a family history of psychiatric illnesses. The significant difference between the two kinds of bipolar conditions is the level of the manic episodes, in bipolar disorder one the manic episodes are mild while in bipolar disorder two the manic episodes are extreme.

If one experiences depressive symptoms and manic episodes for years without meeting the conditions for depressive episodes or manic; then the doctor can diagnose the patient with Cyclothymic disorder. The determination is on bipolar, they may affect the treatment process and the medication the doctor recommends, so it is vital to tell the doctor all the symptoms one is having. When the doctor treats depression instead of mania, it increases the risk of mania episodes or even the suicidal thoughts and the behaviors. That point forms the primary reason why it is crucial to keep track of lows and highs in the moods of patients. Alcohol and drugs may trigger an episode of depression or even mania; one may need to complete detoxification from the substance before a diagnosis is made.

It is essential to keep track of energy levels, attention span, behavior, and the moods so that one can receive an accurate diagnosis. When one gets the right diagnosis the chances of managing the symptoms and dealing with the mood are better placed.


Smith, K. (2018). The Difference Between Bipolar Disorder 1 and 2. PSYCOM, 34-38.

WEEK 3 :


Bipolar condition is also known as the manic depressive disease, and is a serious mental condition which is characterized by severe mood swings coupled with depression episodes and mania/hypomania. The disorder has a course which is highly recurring with a substantial hereditary basis. The threshold of diagnosis used determines its prevalence. However, the condition is substantially rare with only a prevalence rate of one percent. Milder forms of the disorder have high prevalence estimation.


The PICOT question which focuses on the bipolar condition is a nursing path of study and treatment which is well documented and studied to help improve patient care and comfort which are factors that aid in quick recovery. The PICOT system allows nurses to learn and enhance patient care skills more practically and in an involving manner.

The letters in the term PICOT represent:

P- The problem or the patient whom the nurse is observing.

I-The method that is being used for an intervention to help the patient recover

C-The comparison of the intervention method with other previously recorded practical methods applied by nurses to assist in patient recovery.

T-The time through which the intervention is carried out or the adequate time of the study


Bipolar conditions are highly repeating; malignant conditions whose frequency of occurrence is significantly higher than earlier thought. The combination of knowledge acquired from different studies on the condition by various disciplines might play a crucial part in aiding our understanding of the pathophysiology that these conditions operate. They would provide the basis for definite diagnosis and treatment for patients suffering from the condition.

Clinical Presentation

The correct diagnosis of the condition is the first step towards effective and proper treatment. This factor is most important in diagnosing patients who suffer from manic depressive illness or bipolar disorder.

Carry out a thorough clinical assessment for patients who show signs of manic, mixed episode or hypomanic conditions, and this should also apply to patients suffering from bipolar depression episodes. The assessment should include information on the patients psychosocial and clinical status, psychiatric and medical comorbidities, past and current medications including the compliance to the prescribed medication.Also, add any details of substance use or abuse in the history of the patient. Get a comprehensive review of symptoms and their severity with how they affect the daily functioning of the patient.


A patient struggling with a bipolar condition can be very energetic and euphoric for a day and then very sad and anxious in the following. Because of these extreme mood swings between depressive and manic symptoms, problems in every aspect of the patient’s life may arise.Bipolar people can be very highly productive and motivated one day and very moody and stressed in the next, the high-stress levels might lead to substance abuse, promiscuous behavior, legal problems, relationship troubles, isolation and loneliness, financial problems, poor school or work performance, missed school or work and suicidal thoughts or attempts.


Laboratory tests and measures are not the most effective tool that can be used to diagnose a bipolar condition. However, free and open talk with the doctor on the life and behaviors of the patients are the most useful tools in singling out the condition (Paul J. Harrison, 2018). However, there are some clear indicators to the condition like perennial mood swings with uncontrollable emotions which result in actions which are not well thought out and thus possible negative consequences.

Conclusion with PICOT question

Bipolar disorder is a severe condition that has far-reaching implications on the patients and those who are close to them. The condition has a high potential of self-harm risk and also direct adverse effects on relatives, friends, and workmates. The following is the PICOT question which I chose to frame for my project on bipolar condition.

“P” What are the responses to clinical treatment, “I” for teenagers and college students “C” diagnosed with bipolar disorder, “O” in the United States over the past three years “T”?


Paul J. Harrison, J. R. (2018). The Emerging Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder. Trends in Neurosciences, 18-22.

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