[Solved] If I were to deceive her it could lead to the wrong decision for her and her unborn child. Also, in this situation communication is very important

1. I think there are different ethical competencies that I could employ when trying to establish a genuine and ethical relationship with Ms. Mason. There are 13 competencies that are introduced in the text and are divided into three different categories. The categories are moral integrity, communication, and concern. (Butts & Rich, 2016, p. 81-82).
Moral integrity is a very important aspect of nursing ethics. When speaking with Ms. Mason I would be honest and use my own judgement on what is right and wrong to say to her. If I was pro choice or pro life in this scenario it would be unethical to persuade Ms. Mason to what I believe, or not inform her of other possible options. An aspect of moral integrity is truth telling, “…nurses should not intentionally deceive or mislead patients.” (Butts & Rich, 2016, p. 115). This shows that even if my own personal values are different, I should not deceive the patient in any way.
Next, I would employ ethical communication skills that will benefit Ms. Mason as well as her family. Mindfulness is a large part of communication between nurses and their patients, it involves being present, engaged, and attentive to what is going on (Butts & Rich, 2016, p. 93). If I was mindless while the physician explained the options to Ms. Mason I would not be able to accurately judge how Ms. Mason is feeling about the options and I would also not be an effective listener. Effective listening means that me and Ms. Mason would talk about the options and I would use nonverbal cues, such as nodding, to let her know that I am listening and absorbing the information. Effective listening is very important in this relationship because it would allow me to really tone in and focus on what Ms. Mason is saying and trying to convey, and then responding with a clarification of her intentions or repeating it in my own words. I think this also lets Ms. Mason know that I do care and am listening and want to give the best support that I can and the way I communicate can show a lot by this.  Personally, I think communication is one of the most important aspect in creating this relationship with Ms. Mason.
Last, I would also act and show concern for Ms. Mason which can provide a safe feeling. Advocating for Ms. Mason and her interests is a very important aspect of the care she is receiving. Protecting her autonomy can show Ms. Mason my care as well.
Butts, J. B., & Rich, K. L. (2016). Nursing Ethics: Across the Curriculum and Into Practice (Fourth ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning
2. The Masons are in the process of what is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. That being said, as a nurse I would exercise the ethical competencies of truthfulness and truthtelling as well as communication through effective listening. There is no right or wrong way to process all the information the Masons have been given and they are looking to me as a nurse to help them through this decision making process by giving them all the necessary information.
Truthtelling is so important as a nurse. Your patients come to you at their most vulnerable state for guidance. “Nurses are usually ethically obligated to tell the truth and are noT intentionally to deceive or mislead patients” (Butts & Rich, 2016, pg. 85). It is important for me to be truthful with Ms. Mason through her decision making process. If I were to deceive her it could lead to the wrong decision for her and her unborn child.
Also, in this situation communication is very important. A good way for good communication is through effective listening. Ms. Mason is going to have questions, concerns, etc. and it is up to me to listen to these things effectively so I can respond appropriately. As a nurse it is up to me to have open communication and listen effectively so when she makes her decision she has no reservations.
Butts, J. B., & Rich, K. L. (2016). Nursing ethics: across the curriculum and into practice. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning
1. DH has been having problems with bleeding. It has been difficult to get the bleeding to stop once it has started. Discuss how AML could affect the formation of and numbers of platelets circulating in DH’s blood. (Hint: Discuss how platelets are associated with the myeloid cell line.)
Platelets are components of the blood which are responsible for normal blood clotting and assist in the repair of damaged blood vessels. Platelets begin as hematopoietic stem cells and derive from the myeloid cell line, megakaryoblasts, in the bone marrow. DH has been having problems with abnormal bleeding and difficulties of stopping it. This indicates that the number of platelets circulating in DH’s blood is slow. The reason for such a low blood platelet count is an Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Since AML is caused by damage to the DNA of the myeloid line of blood cells, abnormal cells are being produced and built up in the bone marrow. This interferes with the production and formation of normal blood cells and platelets.
2. Who could safely receive transfusions from DH’s donated blood (A+)? What blood types should absolutely not receive transfusions of DH’s blood? Explain your answer.
Erythrocytes commonly referred to as red blood cells contain surface markers or antigens which can be found in blood. If the immune system detects a foreign antigen, it will begin to fight it resulting in death which is why blood typing is important. The only antigens your body will not fight in normal circumatances are the ones found in it own erythrocytes so that the body does not fight against its self. There are 2 possible antigens in blood; A and B. In blood type A, only the A antigen is present. Since the donated blood was A+, this means that only a person with blood type AB+ or A+ can receive the blood.
3. It is very embarrassing to admit that most of the time I live on frozen food. Unfortunately, with the fast pace life I am in right now, I do not have time to cook nor eat out. And as you know, the more processed food, the more sodium content in it. I am tracking my meals today with surprise that my frozen dinner meals, I am able to keep my sodium at 1,735mg today, which is lower than 2000mg per day goal
Frozen Jamican Beef Patty (570mg sodium)
1 cup of coffee (5mg sodium) with 1 oz whole milk (14mg)
Frozen Shrimp Wonton Ramen with Yu Choy (680mg sodium)
Frozen Kung Pao Chicken (460mg sodium)
3 cups of Strawberries (6mg sodium)
I realize that this is an unhealthy diet choice. I would rather cook my own meals in order to be able to control what nutrients am I getting each meals. If I am to chance, I would cook my own meals. But I will still keep sodium intake around 2000mg per day as it plays important roles in the body.
4. Tracking my sodium intake exactly was a little challenging since I rarely eat out. In order to stay healthy I cook/prepare all my meals and snacks for the ambulance. So for this exercise I waited for a day in which I did eat out. This afternoon I purchased a grain bowl from Cava. I brought it home and mixed it with a bag of chopped mixed greens to make it last 2 meals. I used the nutrition calculator from Cava’s website to determine how much sodium was in my specific order.
1 cup coffee (5 mg)
1/4 cup whole milk (24.5 mg)
1/2 Cava grain bowl (789 mg)
1 cup mixed greens (16 mg)
1/2 Cava grain bowl (789 mg)
1 cup mixed greens (16 mg)
Total Sodium = 1639.5 mg
My sodium intake for today was approximately 80% of my daily limit. This is definitely higher than I’d like! I think on days where I only eat things I’ve cooked myself, my sodium intake is a lot lower. Especially since I actually hate the taste of salt… so I rarely add it to my food. I think sodium is one of those tricky ingredients that can actually be a lot higher in foods you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

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