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Description:The Sinulog Festival is distinguished by its unusual two-steps-forward-and-one-step-backward shuffling. therefore imitating the Holy Child of the shores. the Sinulog is a century-old tradition observed in the portion of Visayas part. The prayer-dance is harmonized to the round of membranophones and cries of “Pit Senor! Viva Sto. Nino! ” .

Ati-atihan FestivalDate of Celebration: 3rd hebdomad of JanuaryTopographic point of Celebration: Kalibo. AklanDescription:The Ati-Atihan Festival honors the thirteenth century land trade between 10 migrating Bornean captains and the autochthonal Ati King Marikudo. It besides honors the town frequenter. the infant Sto. Nino. The changeless. rhythmic buffeting of membranophones get to you. and before you know it you are on the street. scuffling your pess. agitating your caput. beckoning your custodies – and fall ining 1000s of soot-blacked. gaily-costumed revellers in an ancient rite of mindless felicity. A familiar conflict call reaches your ears. and amidst all this obfuscation you remember where you are: Kalibo. Aklan. “Viva. Sto. Nino! ” The Ati-Atihan jubilation is boomed in many parts of the state.

Kadayawan FestivalDate of Celebration: August 20-24Topographic point of Celebration: Davao CityDescription:Peoples in Davao City ticker as the celebrations reach a glorious extremum on Saturday forenoon: that’s when the Kadayawan parade is held. having colourful. orchid-bedecked floats and more than a twelve “ethnic” groups dancing to the round of wooden membranophones.

Panagbenga FestivalDate of Celebration: 4th hebdomad of FebruaryTopographic point of Celebration: Baguio CityDescription:The Panagbenga Festival is flower season in the metropolis of Pines – perfect clocking for an full-scale fete in the streets. The Baguio common people take a interruption on these yearss to delight in the cool clime and the alone civilization of the metropolis. Multi-hued costumes are worn. miming the assorted blooms of the upland part ( or any of its 11 cultural folks ) . These are flower beds – masked. of class. as the Panagbenga parade floats.

Banquet of the Black NazareneDate of Celebration: January 9Topographic point of Celebration: Quiapo ManilaDescription:The Feast of the Black Nazarene is a festival where people go to Quiapo Church. Manila to honour the marvelous wooden black statue of Jesus Christ carried by male fans during the emanation.

Masskara FestivalDate of Celebration: October 14-21Topographic point of Celebration: Bacolod City. Negros OccidentalDescription:The Masskara Festival features a street dance competition where people from all walks of life troop to the streets to see colorfully-masked terpsichoreans spiraling to the beat of Latin musical beats in a show of command. merriment. coordination and staying power. Major activities include the Masskara Queen beauty pageant. carnivals. membranophone and bugle corps competitions. nutrient festivals. athleticss events. musical concerts. agriculture-trade carnivals. garden shows. and other particular events organized ad-hoc every twelvemonth.

Pahiyas SA Quezon FestivalDate of Celebration: May 15Topographic point of Celebration: Lucban. QuezonDescription:During the Pahiyas SA Quezon Festival. each family decorates the frontage of their house. each one seeking to surpass another in a friendly competition. A victor is picked every twelvemonth and many awards are up for grabs to the family with the most originative and alone ornaments.

Pulilan Carabao FestivalDate of Celebration: May 15Topographic point of Celebration: Pulilan. Bulacan

Description:The Pulilan Carabao Festival involves 100s of work animate beings. largely carabaos. are led on a parade in the streets of the town every 14th and 15th of May to honour its frequenter saint. San Isidro Labrador. The carabaos decorated with Garland and shaved for the juncture. genuflect or kneel in forepart of the church. Witness the colourful Carabao Festival and spiritual activities of the town. On the 14th of May. husbandmans all over the town wage testimonial to their frequenter saint. San Isidro Labrador. in glorious Thanksgiving for a year-long big crop. The jubilation is manifested by hanging all kinds of fruits. confects. nutrient harvests and motley kipings on bamboo poles. The personal businesss are highlighted by kneeling of carabaos in forepart of the church and the symbolic floats. Every twelvemonth. a sea of larking humanity comes in droves to witness these showcasing endowments of the carabaos.

Feast of Neutra Senora PenafranciaDate of Celebration: 3rd Saturday of SeptemberTopographic point of Celebration: Naga CityDescription:The Feast of Neutra Senora Penafrancia is a jubilation in award of Our Lady of Penafrancia. Its week-long activities feature the fluvial parade of the patronne. athleticss fests. beauty pageants and other cultural exhibitions.

Pinya FesitvalDate of Celebration: Calauan. LagunaTopographic point of Celebration: 2nd hebdomad of MayDescription:An one-year event which started in 1999. The Pinya Festival aims to advance Ananas comosus and other agricultural merchandises of Calauan. It features cultural presentation and exhibit public presentations. mardi gras. street dancing. Ananas comosusfloat parade. Ananas comosus and native merchandises decor competition.

Dalit FestivalDate of Celebration: Tangub City. Misamis OccidentalTopographic point of Celebration: September 29Description:The Dalit Festival is Tangubanon’s simple manner of saying”Mabuhay and Welcome to Tangub” as they celebrate the banquet of Saint Michael. the Archangel every September. Dalit means “offering. ” that shows the extraordinary manner of furthering. friendly relationship. integrity. and love of all Tangubanons to their visitants. Rituals and dances that portray the Filipino manner of life are some of the assorted activities and presentations.

Dinagyang FestivalDate of Celebration: 4th hebdomad of JanuaryTopographic point of Celebration: Ilo-iloDescription:The Dinagyang Festival is a spiritual and cultural festival in Iloilo City. Philippines held on the 4th Sunday of January. or right after the Sinulog In Cebu and the Ati-Atihan in Aklan. It is held both to honour the Santo Nino and to observe the reaching on Panay of Malay colonists and the subsequent merchandising of the island to them by the Atis.

Moriones FestivalDate of Celebration: Easter Sunday/ held on every Holy WeekTopographic point of Celebration: MarinduqueDescription:The island of Marinduque prides itself in being the “Lenten Capital of the Philippines” . and it is easy to understand why. Come the seven yearss of Holy Week. the people of the island take portion in the antique rite of the “Moriones” . Colorful warrior costumes are worn topped with finely carved masks portraying the violent Roman soldiers of Christ’s clip. All these are done to demo the narrative of the transition of Longuinus. the centurion who stabbed Jesus’ side – and his subsequent decapitation.

Obando FestivalDate of Celebration: May 17-19Topographic point of Celebration: Obando. BulacanDescription:The Obando Festival is a feast wherein a group of people perform a dance to the melody of musical instruments made out of bamboo stuffs. the work forces. adult females and kids of Obando. Bulacan. Philippines wear traditional dance costumes to dance on the streets followed by the images of their frequenter saints San Pascual Baylon ( St. Paschal ) . Santa Clara ( St. Clare ) and Nuestra Senora de Salambao ( Our Lady of Salambao ) . while singing the vocal Santa Clara Pinung-Pino.

Tabak FestivalDate of Celebration: Last hebdomad of MarchTopographic point of Celebration: Tabaco City. AlbayDescription:The festival derived its name from a local word “Tabak” . intending bola tie. where the name of the City ( Tabaco ) was taken from. Its high spot is a street presentation where participants showcase the fable of the City. Numerous other activities are lined up to beat crush the matter.

Sandugo FestivalDate of Celebration: Tagbilaran City. BoholTopographic point of Celebration: 3rd Sunday of JulyDescription:The Sandugo Festival commemorates the Treaty of Friendship between Datu Sikatuna. a captain in Bohol. and Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. This sixteenth Century peace pact occurred on March 16. 1565 through a blood compact or “sandugo” . The Sandugo Festival is held every July. The Tagbilaran City Charter Day on July 1 kicks-off the month-long festival with a holy mass. Diana. motorcade and plan sponsored by the City Government of Tagbilaran. Among the major activities during the month is the Miss Bohol Sandugo Beauty Pageant. and the Sandugo Street Dancing Competition which is normally held on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of July. and organized by the Bohol Sandugo Foundation. Inc. ( BSFI ) .

Pintados FestivalDate of Celebration: Tacloban CityTopographic point of Celebration: June 29Description:Back during pre-Hispanic old ages. tattoos denoted bravery among the indigens of Tacloban. These yearss they symbolize a cultural resurgence. and a wild. wild fete called the Pintados. Join the town occupants as they decorate themselves out in organic structure pigment. copying the warriors of old while dancing to the frenetic round of membranophones.

Balsa FestivalDate of Celebration: May 18Topographic point of Celebration: Lain. BatangasDescription:The Balsa Festival is that centrepieces the Balsa as a manner of relaxation by the Matabungkay Beach Resort. The jubilation is culminated by a race and adorning competition for the Balsa. The festival is spearheaded by the Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel and the private sector of Lian. Batangas.

Higantes FestivalDate of Celebration: November 22-23Topographic point of Celebration: Angono RizalDescription:The Higantes Festival is a fete of “gigantic” proportions ; this one is highlighted by a expansive emanation having the higantes. ten-foot papier-mache marionettes. surrounded by a crowd of drenched. water-fighting revelers. Better convey your pip-squeak gun if you want to fall in the merriment. It is a water-logged event that is certain to go forth you wet n’ wild – and desiring for more.

Sampaguita FestivalDate of Celebration: February 21-22Topographic point of Celebration: San Pedro. LagunaDescription:The Sampaguita Festival features a expansive parade of colourful floats participated by both authorities and private sector. The high spot of the festival is the Coronation Night of the “Hiyas ng San Pedro” . The festival aims to advance touristry in San Pedro and regenerate the sampaguita industry in San Pedro. Laguna.

Bangkero FestivalDate of Celebration: 1st hebdomad of JanuaryTopographic point of Celebration: Pagsanjan. LagunaDescription:The Bangkero Festival features exciting events both on H2O and land such as the “palarong bangkero” ( fluvial parade and exhibitions ) . street dancing. membranophone and lyre set competition. chorale fest. cultural dark. trade carnival. athleticss events among others.

Talulot FestivalDate of Celebration: Last Sunday of SeptemberTopographic point of Celebration: Villamor Airbase. Pasay CityDescription:The Talulot Festival is a vivacious and fantastic spectacle of music. dance and local endowments. Close to 2. 500 people attend the Pontifical Mass and celebrations every twelvemonth. On its 5th twelvemonth. the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines and Magnificat Ventures Corporation. partnered with the City of Pasay. Barangay 183. Resorts World Manila. and the Newport City Estate Association. Talulot is named after the Filipino word for petal. in award of St. Therese of the Child Jesus who is besides known as God’s Little Flower. Devotees of Saint Therese believe that she sends a flower or flowers as a mark of granted supplication.

T’nalak FestivalDate of Celebration: July 13-18Topographic point of Celebration: Koronadal City. South CotabatoDescription:The T’nalak Festival is a esteemed one-year event foregrounding the celebrated t’nalak cloth that symbolizes the civilization of South Cotabato. The state is a cardinal participant in the meeting of South Cotabato. Sarangani and General Santos City ( Socsargen ) . one of the country’s fastest turning development bunchs. The festival is celebrated during the foundation day of remembrance of South Cotabato from July 13-18. Apart from the advanced agri-trade exhibition. exciting competitions. athleticss and parades. the high spot of this festival is the street dancing competition. having a eye-popping show of colourss from performing artists garbed in traditional costumes.

Kaamulan FestivalDate of Celebration: 2nd hebdomad of February to March 10Topographic point of Celebration: BukidnonDescription:Expect the Bukidnon to travel tribal from the first to the 2nd hebdomad of March. when the streets of Malaybalay take on that familiar fiesta subject. Banners. banderitas. and beer will be standard. every bit good as the Sweet. stalking sound of native music. An early forenoon pamuhat ritual boots off the celebrations. to be followed by an cultural nutrient fest. trade carnival. and a batch of native dance. Aliwan Festival

Date of Celebration: the month of April/MayTopographic point of Celebration: Pasay CityDescription:The Aliwan Festival is an one-year event that gathers different cultural festivals of the Philippines in Star City Complex in Pasay City wherein contingents compete in dance and float competitions. every bit good as in a beauty pageant. Organized by Manila Broadcasting Company ( MBC ) together with Cultural Center of the Philippines ( CCP ) and the metropoliss of Manila and Pasay. the event is dubbed as “The Mother of All Fiestas. ” with awards numbering to P3 million ( approximately US $ 70. 000 ) . Aliwan Fiesta. which began in 2003. purposes to showcase the different Filipino civilizations and heritage non merely to the people in Metro Manila but besides to the remainder of the universe. The contingents. meanwhile. purpose to advance their several parts both economically and tourism-wise. It was originally organized as a ocular extravaganza for the Christmas season. but it has since been held during the summer months of either April or May. Aliwan is a Tagalog word for “entertainment” or “amusement. ”

Kagay-an FestivalDate of Celebration: August 26-28Topographic point of Celebration: Cagayan de OroDescription:The Kagay-an Festival is a week-long festival in jubilation of Cagayan de Oro’s frequenter saint Senor San Agustin. held every month of August. “Kagay-an” therefore means a river. Highlights of the Kagay-an Festival are Kahimuan Trade Fair that features the native merchandises of the metropolis and state peculiarly on agribusiness merchandises. Miss Kagay-an. Folkloric Street Dancing Competition which features colourful garbs and cultural dances of the Higaonon folks. Golden Float Parade. Halad sa Lambagohan. PE Rhythmic Dance Competition. Kalo Festival and Kumbira that started on 1996 by Kagay-anons hotelkeepers and eating houses. A culinary show and exhibit. it has been evolved over the old ages and it now hosts a culinary competition among pupils and professionals all over Mindanao.

Penafrancia FestivalDate of Celebration: 3rd Sunday of SeptemberTopographic point of Celebration: BicolDescription:The Penafrancia Festival is Bicol region’s largest jubilation is an one-year matter that combines faith with civilization and tradition. stuffing it all in a 9-day fete of scriptural proportions.

Lanzones FestivalDate of Celebration: every 3rd hebdomad of OctoberTopographic point of Celebration: Camiguin IslandDescription:The Lanzones Festival in Mambadjao Camiguin is celebrated with a weekend street dancing competition and parties. cultural shows. parade and beauty pageant ( enthronement of Mutya sa Buahanan ) and trade carnival that features local handcraft and merchandises. Houses. street poles and even people are ornamented with lanzones during the event.

Puto Latik FestivalDate of Celebration: February 5-6Topographic point of Celebration: LagoonDescription:The Puto Latik feautres a batch of activities including the Maglalatik Street Dance Competition ; the Grand Float Parade ; the Miss Binan Coronation Night ; a tree-planting activity ; and the Binan Trade Fair.

Tuna FestivalDate of Celebration: 4th hebdomad of SeptemberTopographic point of Celebration: General Santos CityDescription:The Tuna Festival celebrates the part of tuna fish to the General Santos City’s support.

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