greece and persia

Greece and Persia

Both the Greek and Persian empires were very prosperous and influential. They had many similarities and differences in their political and economic organizations. They both influenced everybody surrounding their areas. The Persian and Greek economic systems were very similar, but their political systems varied greatly.

The Persians had a successful government. They became the largest empire in the world even before they were unified. Darius was the main reason Persia became unified. He was one of their best emperors. He set up their principles for the Persian government that was later passed down. Darius would adopt different rules and laws from the places he conquered. That was the key to their success.

Unlike the Persians, the Greeks had a democracy. The people voted directly for their leader; they had a direct democracy. However, the Greeks had a lot of different city-states with their own governments. Aristotle divided the government systems into monarchies, oligarchies, tyrannies, and democracies, but for the most part it was democracy. Some of the governments of the city-states were similar to Persian government.

Both Persia and Greece had poor agriculture because of the geography. The economy, especially in Greece, relied on imported goods from other places. Greece depended on trade; it was very important. They traded with other cultures by traveling the Mediterranean Sea. The Greeks focused on ship building, farming, and making pottery. The Greeks had specialization, which means they had a specific job.

In Persia, they built the Persian Royal Road. Persians also relied greatly on trade. This road was one of their main routes for trade. King Darius instituted many economic changes and reforms. He systematized taxation, standardized weights, measures, improved transportation routes, royal trading ships, promotion of agriculture, a banking system, and promotion of international trade. He completely transformed and helped their economy.

There are many similarities between Persia and Greece. The main similarity is in their economic systems. Greece and Persia’s main differences are in their political systems. These two places have influenced the entire world around them and are very important in our history.

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