food goddess annapurna in the hindu religion

Food is a well known form of worship within the Hindu religion. Throughout India, food, is known for being worshiped also. Goddess Annapurna, is the known as the goddess of food. According to Hinduism she is an incarnation of the goddess Parvati. Goddess Annapurna became important and known through an interesting story between her and lord Shiva. Shiva and Parvati used to play dice. Once the game began to get interesting, they started to bet. Parvati used her jewels and Shiva used his trident contribute to the bet.

Shiva lost, and his trident was given up. To win it back, he betted serpent, but then, he lost again. Eventually, Shiva lost all his attributes to Parvati. Embarrassed by his lost, shiva fled to the forest. In the forest Shiva meets with lord vishnu and tells him what happened. Vishnu told him to go back and try again. Shiva then won back all that he lost. Parvati grew very suspicious and accuses him of cheating. Vishnu then revealed that the dice moved under his wish and they were under an illusion that it was just a plain game.

The argument turned into a philosophical discussion and SHiva said everything is a Maya, illusion, even the food we eat. Parvati did not agree that food was an illusion. She said if food is an illusion than her, herself was also an illusion. She wanted to know how the world would survive without food and then disappeared. Nature stood still and soon enough there was a severe drought and shortage of food. Gods and humans and demons kept praying for food. Seeing all this suffering Parvati appears to Kashi to give relief. Parvati was distributing food.

When Shiva heard this he appeared before Parvati with his begging bowl and admitted that food cannot be an illusion and is required to nourish the body in which resides the Atma. The goddess feeds him. Since the Goddess Parvati is worshiped as the Goddess of food- Annapurna Devi. Annapurna means food-filled. She is physically described as holding a golden ladle adorned with many different kinds of jewels in her right hand and a vessel full of porridge in her left hand. She is seated on a throne and in some pictures lord Shiva is shown standing to her right with a begging bowl, begging for her alms.

She has the ability to supply food for an unlimited amount of people. She is the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Parvati. Annapurna symbolizes the aspects of nourishing care. Images of Annapurna are found in kitchens, near dinner tables and restaurants. Food is only prepared and served, after getting a blessing from the goddess Annapurna. By doing this, people believe they will never run out of food throughout their life. With her blessing, she converts it to amruta, which is, a Sanskit word for delicious and healthy food which gives immortality. This will provide nourishment to your body.

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