discussion of the aspects of personal privacy and safety

High School Index l. How much privacy are citizens willing to sacrifice for safety? II. Imagine you are Edward Snowmen and write a letter explaining why you should be allowed to return to the LIST. Ill. Discuss one section of the Patriot Act that you have a strong opinion -either positive or negative- about. In a well-written paragraph, explain your point of view. As technology advances and the border between privacy and public knowledge becomes more and more blurred.

Each day It becomes easier and easier to track meson’s Information, their past, their likes, their closest friends, and even those that are not so liked or close to them. The question that surges becomes clearer each front line topic that we face on a daily basis both in the real and virtual world. Criminals as well as government agencies use the power of the internet to both attack each other’s data and safe keeping their data. Citizens’ rights to privacy and safety have always been an issue upon which there is constant discussion.

The privacy argument used to stop certain government advances; yet again the line between privacy and safety has never been well defined. Or keep majority of the population safe law enforcement officers and government agencies are sometimes faced with the need to infringe on some individuals right to privacy under the idea of common welfare. This is where the line blurs, is the safety of 1,sass worth the infringement of the rights of a few others?

The rational answer is [sees, the safety of many will always surpass that off few but ethically the safety of 1 is lust as important as that of 1000 as no one human being is more important than nether. Ere line has been further blurred as citizens have started to freely share their personal information and making it public data by using social networks. There are also many other internet services that use public data, thus making their information public record as well as creating a new market.

This new market bases itself on the function of sharing and selling information to the online population for many different reasons, which go as wide and far as being sold to corporations to be used for marketing research. Data can also be used by employers for background checks s well as by private citizens. The lines have been blurred and the question remains, ‘Is safety as important as privacy? ” when we have already begun to share personal Information freely and it has become a type of currency. Do we still keep the right to complain about its use to guarantee our safety?

The simplest answer would be ‘privacy has begun to disappear” and the new question is “how far are we willing to go for safety? ” raiment agencies are charged with two main goals, to maintain the safety of the nation and its citizens as well as to respect and protect the rights of its citizens. Now as technology has advanced tracking the dangerous threats to the nation has become both easier yet somewhat complex; why this paradox? Simple governments can now easily trace the virtual fingerprint of criminals and stop them at much faster paces than they ever could before.

Leading to multiple arrests of both gangs members and criminals such as child molesters, but it has also become more complex as criminals like terrorists, hackers, black market sellers and buyers, find ways to not only hide but nearly eliminate any kind of virtual fingerprint. This ability makes it not only hard to track them but nearly impossible to catch them. This requires the use of the virtual Nor undercover operations which are leading the way in modern data crimes prevention.

These operations are difficult because the criminals have become much smarter and can easily track leaks of information in their organizations. Privacy might be important as it is our lives that are being looked at with a convenience of social networks and the easy access to the world granted by the online world, we have given up all right to complain about infringement on our riveter lives; the government is not abusing its power, it is simply doing its Job and using all the tools it has at hand to protect our safety, to guard the public welfare.

It is not the government’s responsibility to safe keep the privacy you have willingly abandoned, but it is their duty to keep you safe from the dangers that we face each day; safety and privacy are equals in importance but once one has been abandoned it may no longer be an argument to trample the work of the other. Or whom it may concern: Due to my recent actions, Vie been taken away from my home land and the possibility f return has been obscured.

I as a contractor for the NSA came into contact with some really sensitive information that I decided to make public. Even thou as an American I might have the right to freedom of speech I do not have the right to violate the law, the information I gained and later on made public, was not mine to decide upon but at the time I saw it as also not being the governments property to do with as they pleased.

I thought myself a patriot, a champion of the people; I now see that my decision might have been wrong and also that I did it all in such a manner that it violated more laws than the ones I thought were being rounded. The patriot act, allows national security agencies to take certain measures to guarantee the safety of all Americans, while working on the NSA I felt as this was being taken to extreme levels and to the point that it violated individual privacy.

This concern drove me to take actions that were far too rushed and harsh, I forgot to follow protocol and a due channel to express, and look for a solution to my concerns. My actions were not completely Justified by what I thought I would be acting to reverent, I blinded myself and forgot to follow and act under the mantel of the law of our great nation, my actions can’t be forgiven but I hope they may be understood, not as an act of rebellion but as an act of patriotism.

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