character analysis dr grimesby roylott

Dr. Grimesby Roylott is a tall well-built man with bile shot eyes, thousands of wrinkles and a flesh nose, which gives him the impression of an old bird of prey.

He wears; a hunting – crop, a black top hat, long frock – coat, high gaiters. This is stated when Watson recounts one of the many cases with Sherlock Holmes. He uses fraises like “a thousand wrinkles, burned yellow with the sun, and marked with every evil passion. ” And “his high, thin, fleshless nose, gave him somewhat the resemblance to a fierce old bird of prey.

” This gives the audience a sense of what he is like.He is very strong and fierce but intelligent. He knows what he’s doing. Everything that happens in the past has defined us and contributed to what we are like today and Dr.

Roylott is no exception. Dr. Roylott was a force of character and after some robberies at his home he beat his butler to death, he went to jail for a long time and I cannot say what happened in there. When he got out he married Mrs.

Stoner in India. He now has a wife and two-step daughters. Unfortunately, shortly after moving back to England Mrs. Roylott (Stoner) died.

He abandoned his attempt at establishing a medical practice in London. Dr. Roylott and two daughters moved into his families old Stoke Moran. He then shut himself up in the house; whenever he ventured outside his house he would start quarrels with anyone who crossed his path.

He has a terrible temper and is violent; this is contributed to the fact that all males in his family also suffered aggression it was hereditary. He had immense strength and an uncontrollable anger. He also has a fondness of Indian animals, which obviously come from the fact that he met his wife in India it’s a way to connect to her.Evidence of this is “he hurled a local blacksmith over a parapet into a stream” and “he had at this moment a cheetah and a baboon, which wander freely over his grounds and are feared by the villages almost as much as their master.

” This gives the impression that he is a very angry and hurting man who now shunts every company and has given up on life. He is unreasonable and unpredictable which makes him dangerous which is why the villages are afraid of him. His behavior towards Holmes can best be described as violent, bad tempered, rude and called Holmes an insulting name. Evidence to this is “ I will do nothing of the kind.

My stepdaughter has been here. I have traced her. What has she been saying to you? ” and “Holmes, the Scotland yard jack in office! ” this shows that he has no regard for others feelings. Calling Holmes a Scotland Yard jack in office is a huge insult as Scotland Yard is the police and the police could not solve anything in those days.

He is very suspicious he stated that he followed his stepdaughter, and is demanding that Holmes tell him everything that they discussed. His behavior towards others like the villagers can be described as aggressive, antisocial, rude, violent, bad tempered and straightforward.He lets vagabond (gypsies) stay on his land. “Folks would fly at his approach” and “he had no friends.

” This impression that he doesn’t want anyone near him so he has vagabonds on his land to keep everyone away from him, very antisocial behavior and definitely not to be crossed. In my opinion his heritage had a lot to do with the way he was when he was older, but what made it worse was the lose of his wife. He was very aggressive and bad tempered and in the end his greedy ness gets him killed. All over he is a bad person and he thought he was untouchable, and he was right before Sherlock Holmes came along with Watson at his side.

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