cause and prevention of body dehydration

Water is one of the most important things we need in order to live. Water is everywhere; you can find it at any store or home. If it’s not free then it’s cheap to buy. In this paper we will discuss how water affects your body and many other issues relating to water and ourselves. Your body is made of about 70% of water. That is a big percentage of your bodies’ makeup. If you don’t drink water for a few days you will die. This fact alone should tell you how important it is to drink water more often than you think.

Your cells are also made mainly of water. Water is also used by the body as an detoxicate. Your brain is made up 95% of water. Water also serves as a base of saliva. Water is importantly used as a cooling system to regulate body temperature. The functions of water in the body are very important. Water in blood is the carrier of oxygen and nutrients to all our body cells. Water also prevents dehydration and maintains proper metabolism for the body. Water is used to help digest food and dispose of urine or fecal matter.

When your body does not get the water it needs, your body will let you know. Your blood pressure will become low. Severe constipation will also come in affect. Cramps and pain in muscle joints will also be an indication of a deficiency of water in the body. Another job that water does is to hydrate all your organs in your body. Regulating muscle and nerve function as well as other physiological functions is by the chemicals of the body called electrolytes. Chloride, Potassium, and Sodium are important electrolytes for the body.

What regulates the amount of H? O in the body is Sodium. Potassium is used to function the kidney properly as well as to prevent muscle aches. Chloride is used to keep a proper balance of fluids in the body. All three of these electrolytes are essential to have a good and proper operating body. Alcohol and caffeine will have a huge affect of being dehydrated if it is being consumed into the body. Caffeine causes kidneys to work harder and in return will use more water. This process will cause the person to become dehydrated faster.

Alcohol makes you dehydrated a lot faster too. The process of dehydration with alcohol is called diuretic. This means your body urinates more than usual. In return, dehydrates you more because you’re urinating more. If you drink too much alcohol or caffeine and not enough water you will feel headaches and dizziness because of the lack of water in your body. There are many different steps to prevent dehydration to your body. Probably one of the easiest ways is to drink more water. You need to consume about 8 glasses of water per day.

Yeah, I agree that is a lot of water to consume but you have to try your best to reach that goal. Another way of preventing dehydration is to not consume as much alcohol and caffeine in your diet. This will dehydrate you faster and you will need to make that up with drinking more water. Use these examples and you should have no problem of being hydrated. “Water has no taste, no color, no odor; it cannot be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself.

It fills us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses. ” ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY (1900-1944), Wind, Sand, and Stars, 1939 References Styles, J. (2009, August 24). Understanding Alcohol Dehydration Or a Guide to the Hangover. Retrieved November 1, 2009, from http://ezinearticles. com/? Understanding-Alcohol-Dehydration-Or-a-Guide-to-the-Hangover&id=2812510 APEC Water Systems (2000-2009) Water and Health. Retrieved November 1,2009, from http://www. freedrinkingwater. com/water-education/water-health. htm

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