are people in america really keeping up with the kardashians

Are people in America really keeping up with the Kardashians? People see plastic surgery negatively and think no one should try to change how they look, but that is not always the case. Plastic surgery is intended to correct areas of the body, people might feel insecure about. Patients who may want to get plastic surgery may have had a traumatic experience, such as an accident, a physical assault, or severe illness resulting in facial damage. Plastic surgery is growing over the years and is proven to mentally help patients, show which procedures are most popular, but also how there can be complications.

Plastic surgery is rising in popularity every year, in the United States alone there are over two million procedures taking place. More males are taking part in these procedures and now women are no longer the only people being treated for. ¨The most popular plastic surgery procedures for men are liposuction, eye-lift surgery, breast reduction, tummy tucks, and face-lifts¨ (Whitlock, Jennifer). One hundred and fifty thousand plastic surgeries have been performed on men every year. Men of all ages are being treated to plastic surgery for specific reasons. ¨Men who have some loose, hanging skin, as well as areas of excess fat, may opt for a traditional excision procedure (surgical skin removal) in addition to liposuction¨(Plastic Surgery Statistics). The main reason men want to have plastic surgery is to get a more balanced nose, an uplifted face, and a thinner waist. People of all age, race, ethnicity, and gender are getting plastic surgery to feel more confident in their body.

Facial plastic surgery can be undertaken for a variety of different reasons. Plastic surgery is done to improve appearance and confidence. ¨Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery may improve breathing at the same time it improves the aesthetics of the nose¨(Rappaport M.D., Norman). It is proven that if people improve their appearance it can make a positive impact on their self-esteem, which means a greater opportunity they will open up in social situations. Plastic surgery procedures have been shown to also make a huge change in mental health. ¨Breast reduction surgery improves the body contour, but it may also relieve physical discomforts like neck and back pain and skin irritation from disproportionately large breasts¨(Rappaport M.D., Norman). It has been reported after surgery many people see a significant amount of reduction in anxiety, due to the feeling of higher self-esteem. It is not unusual to feel a boost of confidence after plastic surgery and feel as one can finally have control of life.

The cost of most procedures went up in the years between 2015 and 2016. The United States has reportedly spent $16 billion on plastic surgery procedures in the year 2016. ¨The most popular types of surgeries are liposuction, a surgical procedure that suctions fat from specific areas of the body to provide a slimmer and shapelier silhouette¨ (Whitlock, Jennifer). People are able to return to work after about two weeks of having the procedure done, depending on the area where the procedure was done. Every year women have been reported to have over 350,000 breast enlargement procedures done. ¨Almost twenty percent of women choose a silicone implant over saline, citing the more realistic feel of silicone¨ (Whitlock, Jennifer). Patients need to wait two weeks for recovery before returning back to daily activities. Plastic surgeries have increased by ninety-eight percent and the majority are paid out-of-pocket.

Certain patients are at a higher risk of having a complication after plastic surgery. The obese and elderly are shown to have more complications than others. ¨Hepatoma occurs in 1-6 percent of breast augmentation procedures and is the most common complication after a facelift¨ (Schaefer, Anna). A hematoma is swelling of clotted blood within the tissues that resemble a large, painful bruise. The potential for nerve damage is a common complication in many types of surgical procedures. ¨Most women experience a change in sensitivity following breast augmentation surgery and 15 percent permanently lose nipple sensation¨ (Schaefer, Anna). Patients who feel numbness and tingling after plastic surgery are at high risk of nerve damage. Patients who study their doctor’s qualifications and do research on the place where their surgery will take place are at lower risk for complications.

Educating patients about possible risks and discussing concerns with the doctor will help manage expectations and reduce the risk of complications. Healthy individuals that have realistic expectations of plastic surgery are perfect patients for the procedure. Plastic surgery procedures enhance and reshape structures of the body to improve appearance and confidence. Plastic surgery has grown significantly improving one’s mental health with the popular types of surgeries and complications. Plastic surgery should be done for the reason of the patient and personal choice.

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